Starts the 3DS2/SCA process. This method is used for API and Direct Post integration modes only. If you are integrating 3DS2 using the Hosted Payments Page you do not need to call verifyCard as the Hosted Payments Page will handle this for you.

The verifyCard method can be called with a new card (using the raw card number) or with an existing card (using a Fat Zebra card token). If using an existing card (Fat Zebra card token), specify card_on_file as the paymentMethod. Refer to the PaymentMethod object for more details.

See VerifyCardParams for more details on the available parameters.


const fz = new FatZebra({
  username: "MerchantXYZ"

   customer: {
    firstName: 'Captain',
    lastName: 'America',
    email: '[email protected]',
    address: '123 Australia Blvd.',
    city: 'Sydney',
    postcode: '2000',
    state: 'NSW',
    country: 'AU'
  paymentIntent: {
    payment: {
      amount: 1000,
      currency: "AUD",
      reference: "ref_123490",
    verification: "ver_123480"
  paymentMethod: {
    type: "card",
    data: {
      number: "4111111111111111",
      holder: "John Doe",
      expiryMonth: "01",
      expiryYear: "2022",
      cvv: "123"