Each webhook that is sent is the result of an event within the payment gateway. These events are usually named with the following convention:


For example, when a purchase succeeds your system (if configured) may receive the purchase:success event.

Currently the following events are published out of the gateway:

purchase:successA purchase has successfully been processed
purchase:failedA purchase was not processed successfully
refund:successA refund has successfully been processed
refund:failedA refund was not processed successfully
direct_entry:submittedA direct entry was submitted to the bank for processing
direct_entry:completedA direct entry successfully completed processing
direct_entry:rejectedA direct entry was rejected by the bank and did not successfully complete processing
direct_entry:disbursedA direct entry was disbursed
payment_plan:activatedA payment plan has been activated
payment_plan:suspendedA payment plan was suspended
payment_plan:cancelledA payment plan was cancelled
payment_plan:completedA payment plan was completed
payment_plan_payment:completedA payment plan payment was completed
payment_plan_payment:declinedA payment plan payment was declined
payment_plan_payment:errorA payment plan payment failed due to an error
dispute:openedA new dispute has been opened
dispute:status_changedThe status of an existing dispute has changed
card_account:updateThere is an update to an existing card account - see Card Account events

Filtering Events

New webhook events may be added as the gateway evolves, so it is important that you ensure the systems receiving these events checks the event type before attempting to process the data received.

If an event is received that is not supported it is recommended that you discard the request.