Endpoint Base URLs

There are two base URLs for interacting with the Gateway, depending on the environment required:

Sandbox (Test)https://gateway.pmnts-sandbox.io/
Production (Live)https://gateway.pmnts.io/

Where merchants require statically addressed endpoints (such as for IP Whitelisting of outbound network traffic to the internet) the following endpoints can be used, however merchants must understand that due to the nature of these endpoint configurations there may be a longer delay during a network failover in the event of a technical fault, compared to the above endpoints. This is usually around 60 seconds as opposed to 10-30 seconds normally. If this is of concern to you please contact our Support team to discuss further.

EnvironmentURLIP addresses
Sandbox (Test)https://gateway-static.pmnts-sandbox.io75.2.69.3
Production (Live)https://gateway-static.pmnts.io75.2.13.242

For the Hosted Payment Page the following URLs apply:

Sandbox (Test)https://paynow.pmnts-sandbox.io/
Production (Live)https://paynow.pmnts.io/