Android App Integration

Instructions detailing how to integrate Google Pay™ into an Android App using Fat Zebra as your gateway


  1. Read the Google Pay Android Brand Guidelines
  2. Follow Google Pay's Deploy production environment guidelines. In this step you will obtain a merchantID. By integrating Google Pay, you agree to Google's terms of service.
  3. Contact the Fat Zebra support team to have Google Pay enabled on your account. You will be supplied a gatewayMerchantID.

Implementation Steps

Follow the instructions in the following Google guides to implement a Google Pay button in your app:

When setting up the tokenizationSpecification object, specify the following values for the gateway and gatewayMerchantId values:

private static JSONObject getTokenizationSpecification() {
  JSONObject tokenizationSpecification = new JSONObject();
  tokenizationSpecification.put("type", "PAYMENT_GATEWAY");
      new JSONObject()
          .put("gateway", "fatzebra")
          .put("gatewayMerchantId", "<provided to you by Fat Zebra>"));

  return tokenizationSpecification;

The Google Pay button will generate an encrypted token that you must then include in a request to the Fat Zebra API to:

  • Create a purchase using the card in the Google Pay payload
  • Or tokenize the card details in the Google Pay payload

The following documentation outlines the format of the two API calls: