card_token parameter added for Payment Plans endpoints

Previously, when creating a payment plan, that payment plan would use the customer's most recently updated credit card for payments.

Additional Authorization Reasons for Merchant Initiated Transactions

New authorization reasons have been added for merchant initiated transactions:

Introduction of Merchant Advice Retry After

Transactions declined with a Merchant Advice Code of retry_later can now refer to the merchant_advice_retry_after field to determine when the retry should be attempted.

Introduction of Merchant Advice Codes

Schemes have introduced Merchant Advice Response Codes to provide feedback to merchants on how to retry failed transactions.

fatzebra.js update 2021-05-11

  • Customer country field used to accept country name, e.g. Australia. It now expects to receive ISO alpha2 country code . The support for accepting country name will be dropped on 1st Nov.

  • fz.payment.success & fz.payment.error events both return transaction data in full. See here for details.

  • verification is provided in the transaction data payload for data integrity check.

New support for PayPal Payments

Fat Zebra will be releasing an integration with PayPal in the coming weeks that will allow merchants to add PayPal as a payment method on their websites.

New Payment Aggregator Fields

Fat Zebra has added support for new Payment Aggregator fields. These fields only apply to certain merchants who have been enabled as a Payment Aggregator with their acquirer and wish to send transactions on behalf of a merchant. No change is required for all other merchants.

New Documentation Site

Welcome to the new Cloud Payments Documentation.