Google Pay Merchant ID

All new merchant accounts setup in the Fat Zebra platform are configured to support Google Pay by default.

In order to setup Google Pay in your website or app you will require the gatewayMerchantID which is a unique value assigned to each merchant.

As this is automatically setup we have configured our system to create the gatewayMerchantID deterministically, so that partners and merchants can determine this themselves when using automated onboarding.

The following steps can be used to build the gatewayMerchantID:

  1. Take the API token, and derive a SHA256 hash of the value as a hexadecimal digest - the result should be in lower case:
digest = OpenSSL::Digest::SHA256.hexdigest(token)
# IF required:
digest = digest.downcase


Resulting Digest MUST be lowercase

Different systems may emit a hexadecimal digest in uppercase. It is important to ensure that you convert this to a lowercase string to ensure you have the correct value, as it is case sensitive.

  1. Take the merchant username, and the first 16 characters of the digest, and join these with a hyphen (-):
merchant_id = "#{username}-#{digest[0, 16]}"
  1. The final resulting ID will look something like the following: username-ce91989e4d0f0fd1

A full example (in Ruby) is below:

username = "TESThooli"
token = "738439923571d79914391d257afb0c3e"

digest = OpenSSL::Digest::SHA256.hexdigest(token)

merchant_id = "#{username}-#{digest[0, 16]}"

With these inputs, the resulting value will be TESThooli-63b648806b4eba75 - you can use these inputs and this resulting value to test your code to ensure the values match.