Limited Acquirer Support

AVS checks are currently only supported by a limited number of acquirers. If the AVS fields are used where support is not yet available, the transactions will process as normal and return an avs_result_code of 101 which indicates that AVS is not supported.

AVS (Address Verirfication System) is a service that combats fraudulent activity by verifying a cardholder's address information against the card issuer's records.

AVS is currently supported by Fat Zebra on Purchases via the billing_address field. If this field is specified, the Fat Zebra API will return an avs_result_code field indicating the result of the AVS check.

The following avs_result_code values may be returned:

0Both address and postcode match
1Both address and postcode do not match
2Address matches, postcode does not match
3Address matches, postcode not verified
4Postcode matches, address noes not match
5Postcode matches, address not verified
6Both address and postcode not verified
7Postcode matches
8Cardholder name, address, and postcode match
9Cardholder name, address, and postcode does not match
10Both cardholder name and address match
11Both cardholder name and postcode match
12Cardholer name matches
13Address and postcode matches, cardholder name does not match
14Address matches, cardhodler name does not match
15Postcode matches, cardholder name does not match
100AVS unavailable
101AVS not supported
102Address information is unavailable