Payment Aggregators


Limited Acquirer Support For Payment Aggregators

Processing transactions as a Payment Aggregator is not supported by all Australian acquirers. If these methods are used where support is not yet available the transactions may be declined or return errors. Contact the Fat Zebra support team for more information.

The Payment Aggregator fields allow merchants who act as a Payment Aggregator to specify sub-merchant details required by their acquirers. This is currently only supported for a handful of banks, and must be enabled before use by contacting the Fat Zebra support team.

Payment Aggregator fields are specified in the field sub_merchant of type Hash. They can be specified on authorisation, purchase, and refund transactions.

(max 15 characters)
The sub merchant's id as specified by your acquirer

This field is mandatory for Westpac merchants
(max 18 characters)
The aggregator name assigned to you by your acquirer

For Westpac merchants this is a 3 character string
(max 18 characters)
The business name of the sub merchant
(max 48 characters)
The street address of the sub merchant

This field is mandatory for Westpac merchants
(max 1513characters)
The city of the sub merchant
(max 3 characters)
The state of the sub merchant
(max 4 characters)
The postcode of the sub merchant

This field is mandatory for Westpac merchants
(max 2 characters)
The country code of the sub merchant in 2-letter ISO 3166-2

E.g. use AU for Australia
(max 20 digits)
The merchants phone number (for customers to contact if required)
*(max 40 characters)
The merchants email address (for customers to contact if required)

  "extra": {
    "sub_merchant": {
      "id": "ABC",
      "aggregator_name": "FZ",
      "name": "ABC Pty Ltd",
      "address": "58 Kippax Street",
      "city": "Surry Hills",
      "state": "NSW",
      "postcode": "2010",
      "country_code": "AU",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "phone": "0290371840"