User Permissions

User permissions can be set to give users access to various parts of the system.

Admin User vs Standard User

There are two main types of user:

  • admin users
  • standard users

Admin users have read and write permissions across all parts of the merchant dashboard account. While standard users can enjoy selected permissions. User permissions can be added to a newly created user, or alternatively an existing standard user can have their permissions edited, with write permissions read access is automatically instated.

Important assumption

It is important to note that the difference between and admin user and a standard user with all permissions set, is a standard user cannot view or edit other user accounts, only an admin has this privilege.

Permissions Overview

These are the areas of the system where user access control can be applied in merchant dashboard:

PurchasesAuthorised UsersPayments > Transactions > Purchases
RefundsAuthorised UsersPayments > Transactions > Refunds
DisputesAuthorised Users that
belong to a Third Party Processor (TPP)
enabled merchant
Payments > Transactions > Disputes
BatchesAuthorised UsersBatch Payments > Batches
Direct DebitsAuthorised Users & Merchant with Direct Entries enabledHome » Direct Debits
Direct CreditsAuthorised Users & Merchant with Direct Entries enabledHome » Direct Credits
CustomersAuthorised UsersCustomers
BillingAuthorised UsersBilling > Invoices
Billing > Payment Plans
Billing > Payments
Billing > Search
ReportsAuthorised UsersReports > Authentication
Reports > Transaction
Reports > Disputes
Reports > Settlements
Reports > Payouts
Reports > Payment Plans
Reports > Subscribers