Fat Zebra provides a facility to issue refunds.


Response format

authorizationStringAuthorization number
idStringID of the refund
amountIntegerAmount of the refund in the smallest currency unit (e.g., 100 to refund $1.00, or 100 to refund ¥100, a zero decimal currency)
refundedStringStatus of the refund
messageStringMessage giving context to the outcome of the request
card_holderStringCard holder name
card_numberStringObfuscated card number
card_expiryString / Date YYYY-MM-DDCard expiry date
card_typeStringBranding of the card
transaction_idStringIdentifier for the transaction used to perform the refund
referenceStringIdentifier for the refund
currencyString / ISO 3Currency of the purchase
successfulBooleanWhether the operation was successful or not
transaction_dateStringDate the transaction was created
response_codeStringResponse code received from the switch
settlement_dateString / Date YYYY-MM-DDSettlement date
metadataObjectMetadata for the refund
standaloneBooleanWhether the refund was issued without reference to a previous purchase
rrnStringReceipt number of the purchase
merchant_advice_codeStringAdvice code for how merchants should retry failed transactions. Only present when a transaction is declined. Details on the possible codes are documented Merchant Advice Codes (Retries)