Fetch a payout report for date

Payout Reports

Payout reports contain information about your purchases, refunds, and disputes for a given date.

Response Object

The table below outlines the fields that are returned by the /payouts namespace. Expect an array of objects with these fields if you have payouts to multiple accounts on the same day.

payout_dateString / Date YYYY-MM-DDThe date of the payout.
payouts ArrayAn array of payouts.
This represents the method associated with the payout.
funding_account ObjectThis stores the account number and bsb.
bsb String / “NNN-NNN”The bsb of the funding account object.
account_numberStringThe account number of the funding account object.
reference String / “FZ-YYYYMMDD-The reference displayed on the merchant’s bank statement.
amount FloatThe total payout disbursed that day. Can be a negative value denoting a claw back (direct debit).
detail ObjectContains the breakdown of the figures that determine the payout figure.
gross_processing_amount FloatThe total gross value of your purchases minus refunds and chargebacks.
transaction_count IntegerThe count of all transactions processed for the day.
processing_fees_amount FloatThe total of all charges withheld. This excludes dispute charges.
dispute_charges_amount FloatThe total chargeback fees incurred (and deducted).
disputes_count IntegerThe count of all disputes processed for the day.
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