A customer represents an entity (business or individual) and the associated payment methods (Credit Card or Bank Account), which can then be used for payment methods such as direct debits and payment plans.

Response object

idStringUnique ID for the customer
emailStringThe customer’s email address (used to deliver email receipts if requested).
referenceStringA reference for the customer record (e.g. your database ID).
first_nameStringThe customer’s first name.
last_nameStringThe customer’s last name.
created_atDate as String (ISO 8601)The date that the customer was created.
addresshashHash | | |
------------ | ------------- | ------------
address | string | The customer’s address.
city | string | The customer’s city.
state | string | The customer’s state.
postcode | string | The customer’s postcode.
country | string | The customer’s country.
card_tokenstringThe customer’s card token.
card_numberstringThe customer’s card number.
bank_accountstringThe customer's bank account BSB and account number. e.g. "012-345 012345678"
metadatahashHash of key/value pairs attached to the customer during creation only.