Merchants need to link their PayPal account in Merchant Dashboard to be able to integrate PayPal Checkout.

In order to integrate PayPal Checkout using fatzebra.js, an onboarding step should be completed before the implementation phase:

  1. Log into Fat Zebra's Merchant Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Wallets > PayPal
  3. Follow the instructions to link your PayPal account

Once a PayPal account has been linked, you can start using PayPal using fatzebra.js.

In order to render PayPal Checkout, you also need to follow the instructions on how to create an Oauth Client and obtain an OAuth token.


OAuth Client

In order to use fatzebra.js, merchants need to create an OAuth Client in the merchant dashboard under Tools → OAuth Clients. This will generate a pair of key/secret which will be used to generate an OAuth JWT Token. This token then needs to be stored in the browser local storage to initialise fatzebra.js. There is a sample API call provided below, to show how to generate an OAuth token.

Sample CURL to generate an OAuth token:

curl -XPOST '' -d '{"access_key":"xyz", "access_secret":"xyz"}'

# Response:
{"message": "created", "data": {"token": "eyJhbGciOiJ…"}}