PayPal Integration

The Fat Zebra JavaScript SDK (fatzebra.js) provides an easy-to-implement integration with PayPal via the Fat Zebra Gateway. Merchants can utilize our JavaScript SDK in order to create PayPal orders (authorization and capture payments) and Billing Agreements (subscriptions). In this document, we explain the required steps and actions to include fatzebra.js and integrate PayPal Checkout.

The first step is to link your PayPal Business account to your Fat Zebra account which is explained in Preparation. Following the instructions in our Merchant Dashboard, you will be able to link your PayPal account and start accepting payments.

Next, the integration process with fatzebra.js is explained in Integrating fatzebra.js which includes generating an OAuth Access Token (JWT) to be consumed by the Fat Zebra Gateway to authenticate merchants' requests. Then, implementing the required fatzebra.js methods is explained in order to render PayPal Checkout button.

What’s Next